With RBSReport, reporting
is ever so easy

.Net Control
With the .Net Control packet you can query your data on the basis of the date that you have saved with DataLogger and the template Excel® files that you have configured will enable you to print in the format of an Excel® file. This module enables querying data with respect to time. It also enables observing data on a time basis both in Excel® and Grid pattern. Analog values collected from the production line and process is monitored in the form of curves.

You can also query any column data from the query window or insert manual data to the historical table. You can report all existing tables from an MS SQL Server® data source. It enables querying data with respect to time and all of the table's columns. It also enables observing data on a time basis both in Excel®, csv and grid pattern. The .Net Control package is a kind of ExcelTrend application. You can embed this control into your WinCC® or .Net® applications.

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RBSReport Applications

  • Ability to weigh and scale reports
  • Reporting capabilities for the food sector
  • Reporting capabilities for tank level measurement
  • Wastewater and water treatment plant reporting
  • Reporting for concrete plants
  • Energy sector reporting
  • Reporting for building automation
  • Industrial application reporting.